[ic] Very wierd stuff on demo site using latest IE

DB DB at m-and-d.com
Thu Oct 9 23:43:56 EDT 2003

> I'm running Win2k with the latest patches. When I visit the icdevgroup 
> website, the dropdown menus at the top don't work (they work ok when I 
> use a recent Mozilla).
> Also using IE, when I go to the 4.9.8 live demo and try to buy 
> something, the checkout page acts goofy. Credit Card is selcted for 
> Payment Method, but there's nowhere to enter the credit card 
> information. But there is a place to enter a PO number ??
> It can't be just me.... can others verify the wierdness?
> DB

OK maybe it can be just me. It works ok from work, but at home it 
appears to be a problem with my installation of Java. If I load the live 
demo's admin UI and try to edit a page's cantents, IE shows me following 
error when I open the little "page error" icon in the lower left:

Line: 626
Char: 2
Error: 'undefined' is undefined
URL: http://demo.icdevgroup.org/i/demo1/admin....blablabla

I've installed various versions of Sun and M$ Java in the past and may 
well have broken something, but I've so far been unable to fix it so 
would welcome any advice even though this is not an IC problem


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