[ic] mod_interchange and multiple shops

shawn at stuckinrealtime.us shawn at stuckinrealtime.us
Fri Oct 10 02:25:22 EDT 2003


I'm not sure if anybody answered your question, but I administer a shop
which has several stores running under mod interchange.

One thing I had to do was turn on FullUrl in the catalog.cfg

FullUrl Yes

And then add the fulldomain path to the catalog definition in

Catalog       mystore /home/ecommerce/catalogs/mystore
Catalog       mystore alias  www.mystore.com:443/store.pl
Catalog       mystore alias  mystore.com/store.pl
Catalog       mystore alias  mystore.com:443/store.pl

Catalog	  storetwo /home/ecommerce/catalogs/storetwo
Catalog       storetwo alias  storetwo.com:443/store.pl
Catalog       storetwo alias  storetwo.com/store.pl
Catalog       storetwo alias  storetwo.com:443/store.pl

And I have the following in each of the virtual host definitions for

<Location /store.pl>
  SetHandler interchange-handler
  InterchangeServer /home/ecommerce/interchange/etc/socket

I have 10 shops setup this way on different domains and I don't have any

Shawn Mathews
shawn at stuckinrealtime.us

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