[ic] Re: Adding non-taxable OnFly objects to cart

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Oct 10 02:35:22 EDT 2003

Quoting David Schnardthorst (daves at wavesco.com):
> I have been able to add OnFly items to a shopping cart, for the purpose of
> allowing our customers to pay invoices online.  The problem is that the
> OnFly item is getting sales tax tacked on during the checkout process.  I
> have tried the following code:

(Interesting note -- this was flagged as spam by SpamAssassin, probably
 because of the JavaScript.)

> As you can see I have the nontaxable=1 in the description.

This is the equivalent of typing in a random URL and hoping it will
strike gold....

> I have also
> tried setting a variable of mv_nontaxable to 1 as well (again still in the
> code).  Does anybody have something like this that is working, or can you
> provide some thoughts on how to make it work?

The easiest way is just to assign a zero salestax.

	[assign salestax=0.00]

The other thing you can do is to set the mv_nontaxable attribute
in the item. You need to read up on how to set attributes in
OnFly -- I believe I designed in a mechanism to do that and
even documented it. Mostly, I set them in embedded perl, though:

		for my $item (@$Items) {
			$item->{mv_nontaxable} = 1;

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