[ic] mod_interchange and multiple shops

shawn at stuckinrealtime.us shawn at stuckinrealtime.us
Fri Oct 10 15:52:10 EDT 2003

Kevin Walsh Wrote:
>Out of interest, why do you append .pl to your locations?  Surely
"store", or just "s", would look cleaner than >"store.pl".
>Secondly, you're using the following:
>    Catalog       mystore /home/ecommerce/catalogs/mystore
>    Catalog       mystore alias  www.mystore.com:443/store.pl
>    Catalog       mystore alias  mystore.com/store.pl
>    Catalog       mystore alias  mystore.com:443/store.pl
> which you could clean up as follows:
>    Catalog mystore directory /home/ecommerce/catalogs/mystore
>    Catalog mystore script    www.mystore.com/store.pl
>    Catalog mystore alias     www.mystore.com:443/store.pl
>or as follows:
>    Catalog mystore /home/ecommerce/catalogs/mystore
www.mystore.com/store.pl www.mystore.com:443/store.pl
> You don't really need the extra mystore.com aliases;  Simply set up a
permanent Apache redirection in a separate > mystore.com VirtualHost
block. If you really want to keep the extra aliases then you will need
to use the
> CookieDomain directive in catalog.cfg.  I assume that you have set
this up already.

I'm only using store.pl as the location because the customer wanted it
that way. They had an existing affiliate system which was hardlinking to

My customer is using plesk and I haven't figured out how to change the
default httpd.include it uses. It just overwrites my changes.

Shawn Mathews
shawn at Stuckinrealtime.us

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