[ic] strange table-editor behaviour..

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sun Oct 12 10:16:17 EDT 2003

Rene Hertell <interchange-users at hertell.com> wrote:
>> Rene Hertell <interchange-users at hertell.com> wrote:
>>> I just discovered an odd behaviour with the table-editor tag. When
>>> hitting cancel instead of ok, it updates the record anyway.. Is
>>> there anyone who knows why this happens? I'm using ic 4.9.7.
>> Hi René, I doubt anyone will look into that unless you can either
>> #1, confirm it happens on the current stable version     OR
>> #2, confirm it happens on the latest nightly_build.
>> Other than that, post your (simplified please) table editor code and
>> maybe someone can spot an error in its implementation.
> Well, now I have tested my simple code on two different RedHut 7.3
> machines, with both Postgres (7.2.3-5.73 and 7.2.1-5) and MySQL
> (3.23.58-1.73), stable (4.8.7) and fresh development versions of ic
> (with and without foundation), inside and outside the Admin-UI space.
> The result is the same. If I edit a record and press cancel, it
> updates the record (which it shouldn't do...).
> I tried this same code on demo1 at demo.icdevgroup.org, but there this
> problem did not occur. I suspect that it could be something that is
> messed up with my Perl modules, but on the other hand; then I would
> probably have more problems. I'm not quite sure how to check what
> module-versions my IC-installations uses, but I'll try to dig that
> out if I just would know how to do that :)
> This is the code that reproduces my headache..
> [table-editor
>   table=|products|
>   key=os28066
>  ][/table-editor]

Rene, the table editor is a macro, so it creates all the ITL forms necessary
for the editing. Maybe do the same code on your site, then on the demo, view
source, and compare the two forms created. This will show if there are any
differences in the forms themselves created.

For your perl, at the very least, don't forget you always have
Administration->Info Perl Information.

BTW I am not sure the pipes around products are necessary, but it shouldn't be
an issue.


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