[ic] strange table-editor behaviour..

Rene Hertell interchange-users at hertell.com
Sun Oct 12 20:53:33 EDT 2003

> Rene, the table editor is a macro, so it creates all the ITL
> forms necessary
> for the editing. Maybe do the same code on your site, then on the
> demo, view
> source, and compare the two forms created. This will show if there are any
> differences in the forms themselves created.

The source is identical...

> For your perl, at the very least, don't forget you always have
> Administration->Info Perl Information.

Could it be that I use an older Perl? I use 5.6.1?
There are a few other modules that are not as recent as on the
demo.icdevgroup.org site (Archive::Tar, Archive::Zip, Compress::Zlib,
Crypt::SSLeay and Tie::Watch), but I think they are not relevant to this

> BTW I am not sure the pipes around products are necessary, but it
> shouldn't be
> an issue.

I usually quote with pipes, and that has not caused any problems. But
removing the pipes did not help..

If anyone wants to try this, you'll find the page from here:



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