[ic] dealer price based on previous sales of like and similar items

Webpraxis Consulting webpraxs at sunny2.tnc.ab.ca
Mon Oct 13 01:41:33 EDT 2003

At 07:54 PM 10/11/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Anyone have a suggestion as to how I can find the quantity of several
>different items purchased by a customer in the last 12 months and
>calculate a price based on that quantity.
>item0001 or item0002 or item0005 or item0007 price based on combined
>quantity of these 4 items
>item0003 or item0004 or item0006 or item0008 price based on combined
>quantity of these 4 items

I've just completed revamping a private IC site where clients can manage
their own recurring-order entries. Though your objective is quite
different, I believe the approach I used could be applied. In very broad
terms, you would have to

1) set up a database with fields like
   customer_id, items_total_combo_1, items_total_combo_2, ...

2) for each new purchase, update the db from the receipt page

3) seed the db by processing the tracking file.

The most difficult step will be the last one. You'll need a good knowledge
of Perl or another language to do this. However, the code need not be
pretty or optimized as it's a one-time only run.

After all that, you just need to retrieve the particulars from the db
before defining/selecting the discount formulas.

Good luck,

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