[ic] table-editor submit customisation question

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Oct 13 11:32:40 EDT 2003

Quoting Matthew Crosswell (matthew at compedge.co.nz):
> Re IC4.9.8
> I have added a WYSIWYG editor to a TEXTAREA in a UI table update screen
> which uses the flexeditor. I want to add some code to check the state of the
> editor pane before updating the values. ie onMouseOver=blah....
> Looking through the code for table-editor I have found a parameter called
> $opt->{next_button_extra}
> <INPUT TYPE=submit NAME=mv_click
> VALUE="$opt->{next_text}"$opt->{next_button_extra}>
> Is this a UI accessible parameter? Can I set it's value somewhere? Does
> anyone know how I can pass an extra paramter to the submit button without
> mofiying the perl source code?

If you are calling the table-editor in a page, it is as simple as:

	next-button-extra=| onClick="check_something(this.form)" |

This is not read in from metadata, though, so it cannot be placed
in the table definition. 

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