[ic] Invoice/Accounting

Grant listbox at email.com
Mon Oct 13 13:40:06 EDT 2003

> I'm looking for advice on what accounting/invoicing software to
> use that will
> interface with Interchange without any problems.  I've heard Quicken
> mentioned a few times.  Does it print invoices or just do the
> accounting side
> of things.  MS Money and Simply Accounting are another option.
> Any insight
> on what others are using and their easy of use would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Craig Halverson

I use QB and the QB module with IC.  I seem to remember the module needing
some work before it could be used, but that may be fixed now.  I'm now
looking to get rid of QB and set up some custom stuff in IC (in the UI I
suppose) to take care of all order processing.  The only other piece of
software I plan to use to manage my business is the ledger in GNU-Cash.  I
wish I had had as clear a view of what I need when I started as I do now.  I
would never have started with QB at all.  I'd be happy to answer any
questions I can that you may have along these lines.

- Grant

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