[ic] If Else Statement

Anthony Minero anthony at urbanscooters.com
Mon Oct 13 14:31:24 EDT 2003

I'm trying to do a basic if else statement. Right now I have an if else that
returns a value if a certain field in the product database has any value
other than "". Here's the code I used for that;

[if-item-field image_large]
show image
show text

How would I get an image to show up based on what was in an item filed? I
just want to ad a logo for the brand name of certain products. I'd like to
do an if else statement that loaded an image based on what was in the
category field.

[if-item-field category == schwinn]
show shwinn logo
[else if-item-field category == mongoose]
Show mongoose logo
[else if-item-field category == gt]
Show gt logo

Does anyone know the code I would use to accomplish this?


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