[ic] New feature ? Or does anyone have that already ...

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Oct 14 15:34:12 EDT 2003

Stephan Becker [harlekin.simplex at web.de] wrote:
> We would like to have a 'Group sell' option like letsbuyit.com.
> Any Idea how to implement such an option ?
I'm not familiar with that website, but a quick look suggests that they
don't ship goods when you order them.  Rather, they wait until they've
received x amount of orders, buy in bulk and then ship to their very
patient customers.

It also sounds like a good way of selling goods without actually having
to keep anything in stock - as long as customers don't get tired of
waiting, cancel their order and take their business elsewhere.

> If not, what about implementing it ?
This sounds like something you can do without having to make any special
changes to a stock Foundation configuration, although you would probably
need to notify your customers about their order status every now and
again.  It would be best to not charge your customers until you are in a
position to actually fulfil the orders.

I'd suggest that you give each batch of items its own SKU, so the first
batch of foobars is SKU 1234-001.  Next month, the next batch of foobars
are offered as SKU 1234-002, with a new price.  That'll help you keep
track of which orders are associated with each batch of items.

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