[ic] SSL/IC/Authorize.net Setup

Chris Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Tue Oct 14 18:48:51 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 16:10, Admin wrote:
> I've looked for about an hour and can't find instructions to setup SSL with
> IC.  I have the cert installed properly, just need to setup IC to use it.
> Can someone paste a URL that has the setup instructions or simply explain
> it here?

 As long as Apache is serving the site securely with "https://" (port 443) 
you're half done.

> variable.txt
> ------------
> SECURE_SERVER (change this, that's a given)
> SECURE_ENABLE (set to 1 perhaps?)
> I assume there has to be more to it.

 Nope, that's it. 

 SECURE_SERVER needs to be the https:// address, 
 SECURE_ENABLE must be set to '1'.

> Also, we are using authorize.net as our merchant.  Does anything else need
> adjusted for this setup?

 Make sure you have:

 1) the perl module Net::SSLeay installed (run "perl -MCPAN -e 'install 
 2) The line "Require module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet" in your 
 3) MV_PAYMENT_MODE set to "authorizenet"
 4) MV_PAYMENT_ID set to your Authorize.Net user ID
 5) MV_PAYMENT_SECRET set to your Authorize.Net password

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