[ic] Basket empty on checkout with Netscape 7.1

David Etheredge cpu.dave at att.net
Wed Oct 15 00:47:59 EDT 2003

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Subject: [ic] Basket empty on checkout with Netscape 7.1

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>From: David Etheredge
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>Subject: [ic] Basket empty on checkout with Netscape 7.1
> > >> I have had several customers complain that when they click on the
> >Checkout
> > >> button, they stay in the basket page or if they get to the checkout
> >basket
> > >> page, they are told "no items in cart". I installed Netscape 7.1 and>
> >> verified that it happens every time.
> > >>
> > >> After clicking checkout 2 or 3 times, I finally get to the checkout
> > >> with "no items in the cart".
> > >>
> > >> Any suggestions?
> > >>
> > >> Thanks,
> > >>
> > >> Dave
> > >
> > >Is your secure URL under a different domain from the rest of the store?
> > >That setup can be made to work with a few compromises.
> > >
> > >DB
> > >
> >Thanks, No it is the same domain.
> >Dave
> >
> >
> >Additional information:
> >
> >When checkout is clicked, the id changes.
> >
> >
> >...  the new id is re-displayed in basket.html with the correct items.
> >When checkout is clicked again, the user is sent to the checkout page
with> >an empty cart.
> >
> >Dave
>Sounds like your session ID is being lost when going from the basket page
>to the checkout page. Take a look at yourcat/templates/components/cart, and
>make sure that the form on that page contains this input:
><input type=hidden name=mv_session_id value="[data session id]">
>- Ed L.
>Thanks Ed,
>I checked and it is there. The problem does not occur with I.E. 5 or 6. I
>think that Mike H is on the right track. The problem is how do I fix it?

Well, I took a moment to take a peek at your site, and I see that your
secure URL is www.paradevices.com, while your regular http url just
paradevices.com (no www). I believe this is enough of a difference for
interchange to determine that these two calls should be separate sessions,
hence the loss of the cart content. The easiest answer is to reconfigure
your catalog to use www.paradevices.com for both SSL and non-SSL.

WRT the basket page's checkout button not working the first time around: if
it works in some browsers but no others, it is possible that the code may
need to be tweaked.

- Ed L.

Thanks to all of you who helped. Ed got it right here and so did Mike H. It
was the mismatch between secure server and http server settings.
A minor difference in some ways, major in others.

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest with all of the trees in the way.


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