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Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Oct 16 00:58:35 EDT 2003

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003 11:07:41 -0700
Anthony Minero <anthony at urbanscooters.com> wrote:

> Version: 4.8.7
> Could someone tell me what the generate static pages function does. I see
> the two lists of "force build" and "never build". I also see the entry page
> and regenerate but I'm really not too sure what that means. Where do these
> pages get created? How do I create them? It seems like it's just generating
> one page no matter how many I highlight and I don't see that page in the
> root any where.  I'm just wondering what it is doing exactly? I'd like to
> create static pages of all my pages for SEO reasons. I could just do this by
> hand but if there is a function built in for this then I'd rather do that.

Static pages are pretty broken in the 4.8.x series and therefore removed
in the 4.9.x series, although you can do interesting things with 4.9.x 
(jobs and capture_page tag).


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