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Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Wed Oct 15 16:46:11 EDT 2003

Anthony Minero wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a good PGP encryption software.
>I need it for a MAC using Entourage as the email client, and for a PC using
>Microsoft Outlook.
As for a public, open source solution, the GNU PG (Privacy Guard) is a 
reasonable solution...  Their URL is: http://www.gnupg.org/  and as for 
OS support, here is a paste from their site:

  Supported Systems

GnuPG works fine on *GNU/Linux* with x86, alpha, mips, sparc64, m68k or 
powerpc CPUs. (x86 is the primary development system, the other CPUs are 
only checked from time to time.)

It compiles okay on *GNU/Hurd* but because Mach has no random device, it 
should not be used for real work. Work is underway to add an random device.

*FreeBSD* with x86 CPU works fine.

*OpenBSD* works fine (x86 CPU?).

*NetBSD* works fine (x86 CPU?).

*Windows* 95/98/NT/2000/ME with x86 CPU works fine (you need a special 
setup to build it).

*PocketConsole <http://www.symbolictools.de/public/pocketconsole/>* - a 
Windows NT-like console for the Pocket PC - is supported.

*MacOS X* is also supported; please see macgpg.sf.net 
<http://macgpg.sf.net> for detailed information.


    Other OSes

GnuPG compiles and runs on many more systems, but due to the lack of a 
well tested entropy source, it /should be used with some caution/. We 
have positive reports on these systems:

    * *AIX* v4.3
    * *BSDI* v4.0.1 with i386
    * *HPUX* v9.x, v10.x and v11.0 with HPPA CPU
    * *IRIX* v6.3 with MIPS R10000 CPU
    * *MP-RAS* v3.02
    * *OSF1* V4.0 with Alpha CPU
    * *OS/2* version 2
    * *SCO* UnixWare/7.1.0
    * *SunOS*, *Solaris* on Sparc and x86
    * *USL Unixware* v1.1.2



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