[ic] Urgent help reqd on where payment methods are stored

Joachim Schubert as at freibergnet.de
Thu Oct 16 10:53:05 EDT 2003

AS wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've set my system live and have a problem, I have defined my own set of
> payment methods which can be selected at checkout, however the system
> still has its default set of payment methods.
> When I log into "Orders" and log into the user accounts the payment
> method pulldown only has the default choices of:-
> Credit Card
> Fax or Mail
> Purchase Order
> Can someone please tell me where this list is stored so I can edit it to
> match my checkout options please?

See in table mv_metadata entries 
userdb::fax_order and custview::userdb::fax_order
there are: =Credit Card*, 1=Fax or Mail, 2=Purchase order, 3=COD

> Many thanks,
> Andy.
> www.tvcables.co.uk


Joachim Schubert 

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