[ic] Patch to Session.pm to Allow SessionDefault ala ScratchDefault and ValuesDefault

shawn at stuckinrealtime.us shawn at stuckinrealtime.us
Sun Oct 19 03:53:57 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I needed to set a default value for the session source and found that
there was no way to do this, so I added a Directive in Interchange.cfg
and changed Session.pm.

I made it so it skips things that interchange has already defined and
only addes new entries.

I would appreciate any/all questions and comments, and maybe some idea
of why this isn't a standard interchange feature. i.e. Is this a bad
idea? Is there another way to do this, that I was too blind to see in
the docs?



AddDirective SessionDefault hash

Session.pm  [In Diff Context format, I think this is the way to post
changes like this]

*** Session-Orig.pm     Sat Oct 18 23:23:03 2003
--- Session.pm  Sat Oct 18 23:36:22 2003
*** 456,463 ****
--- 456,470 ----
                'carts'         => {main => []},
                'levies'        => {main => []},
        $Vend::Session->{shost} = $CGI::remote_addr
                if $CGI::secure;
+     foreach my $default (keys %{$Vend::Cfg->{SessionDefault}}) {
+       next if defined $Vend::Session->{$default}; # Don't replace
Things already defined in Vend::Session
+       $Vend::Session->{$default} =
+     }
        $::Values     = $Vend::Session->{values};
        $::Scratch        = $Vend::Session->{scratch};
        $::Scratch->{mv_locale} ||= $Vend::Cfg->{DefaultLocale};


Shawn Mathews
shawn at stuckinrealtime.us

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