[ic] Interchange crashing when updating order status in admin.

Joachim Leidinger joachim at Leidinger.net
Sun Oct 19 22:49:26 EDT 2003

Cameron G wrote:
>>This looks like you are running your userdb on GDBM or some 
>>other non-SQL database. Not recommended, especially for busy 
>>sites. Interchange does a lot of database updates in the 
>>latest foundation catalogs, and if you have a lot of 
>>logged-in users this can easily happen.
>>It probably means you are getting caught up in write 
>>contention that can't be resolved.
>>Try switching the userdb, transactions, and orderline tables 
>>to SQL and see what happens then.
> I already am running on mysql, and have been for several months now. :/

Any messages in the error.log files of IC?


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