[ic] Debian, threaded perl, the usual.

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Tue Oct 21 12:17:05 EDT 2003

Cameron G wrote:
> Ok, just wondering how people dealt with this - I've gotten a new debian
> server, upgraded it to testing, and of course it's installed the threaded
> perl. It seems to me that it's going to be mightily ugly to remove this.
> What are the options? Compile another perl in a different place with threads
> off, install the required modules for THAT perl, and then (somehow, I
> haven't worked this out yet) make IC use this new, fresh, non threaded perl?
> Just wondering how other people got this working... 

I always build my own Perl, and have it be the only version.
I keep a list of modules that I require, and use CPAN to install
those -- many are installed as part of the Interchange bundle.
That means that I have to install the CPAN module the old-fashioned
way, but that isn't difficult.

Perl has always built easily for me.  The only thing even half-way
difficult is making sure you have all the modules you need.  A production
server should be minimalized, which helps reduce the number of required
modules.  A host with lots of extra junk on it can usually be fixed
fairly easily if you later find you are missing some Perl module required
for managing your MP3 library or whatever.  You can get some idea of which
modules you need by listing installed rpms and crawling around in the perl
library subdirectories.

Even aside from this tiresome threading issue, Perl installed via
rpms is just weird.  That can can give you different architectures,
etc. in your library directory.  Yuck.

John Young

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