[ic] Debian, threaded perl, the usual.

Cameron G ritontor at icenet.com.au
Wed Oct 22 03:44:58 EDT 2003

> Cameron G wrote:
> > Ok, just wondering how people dealt with this - I've gotten a new 
> > debian server, upgraded it to testing, and of course it's installed 
> > the threaded perl. It seems to me that it's going to be 
> mightily ugly to remove this.
> > What are the options? Compile another perl in a different 
> place with 
> > threads off, install the required modules for THAT perl, and then 
> > (somehow, I haven't worked this out yet) make IC use this 
> new, fresh, non threaded perl?
> > Just wondering how other people got this working... 
> I always build my own Perl, and have it be the only version.
> I keep a list of modules that I require, and use CPAN to 
> install those -- many are installed as part of the Interchange bundle.
> That means that I have to install the CPAN module the 
> old-fashioned way, but that isn't difficult.
> Perl has always built easily for me.  The only thing even 
> half-way difficult is making sure you have all the modules 
> you need.  A production server should be minimalized, which 
> helps reduce the number of required modules.  A host with 
> lots of extra junk on it can usually be fixed fairly easily 
> if you later find you are missing some Perl module required 
> for managing your MP3 library or whatever.  You can get some 
> idea of which modules you need by listing installed rpms and 
> crawling around in the perl library subdirectories.
> Even aside from this tiresome threading issue, Perl installed 
> via rpms is just weird.  That can can give you different 
> architectures, etc. in your library directory.  Yuck.

Yeah, I know what you mean, I used to always roll my own perls, and they
always played well together - kept their modules and libraries separate, did
intelligent things with the naming scheme in /usr/bin, etc. even today, I
don't install modules via rpm/apt/whatever, I use cpan. 

The problem is, this is debian, and if I go and try and suck perl out of it,
it's most likely going to get really cranky at me. I don't want to just mv
/usr/bin/perl and punch my own in there, I really have no idea how it's
going to turn out. 

For the record, 

server1:/usr/lib/interchange# grep -r "bin/perl" * | wc -l

That looks like 39 places I'm going to need to change the IC source in order
to get it to play with a different perl. Is there an easier way of going
about this? I'm not scared of a different perl on my machine, but I really
want it to be a separate one just for IC. There isn't by any chance some
magic directive somewhere that tells IC which perl to use? :D

Oh, I just had a thought - maybe it asks which perl during the tarball
install? I've not done one in a goodly amount of time, I have been playing
dpkg with the .deb files.

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