[ic] Multiple levels Dealer Pricing, Tax Exempt, Dealer only Payment Methods

RayStanz at winecountryjewelry.com RayStanz at winecountryjewelry.com
Wed Oct 22 02:18:30 EDT 2003

Hello everyone.  I have no programing experience but have been able to do many 
modifications to my catalogs (running 4.9.8) by reading these archives.  With 
my limited experience I haven’t been able to provide anything to the group, 
but  thought I would at least try to share a solution that seems to work for 
any other “newbie” that may also be learning IC as I saw a number of questions 
about “how to” in the archives .  I realize there is probably a much cleaner 
way to accomplish what I did and if anyone finds a problem with my solutions, 
please let me know as I don’t want to cause anyone problems.

Here is what I needed:

I wanted to have multiple levels of dealer pricing, and since most of 
our “wholesale” customers are Sales Tax Exempt, I wanted the option to be able 
to remove sales tax from being calculated at checkout for those customers 
defined as “tax exempt”.  Some of our “dealers” have an open account and some 
are credit card only– and I wanted the “Purchase Order” payment option to show 
only on those customers with an open account.

Multiple price levels:

I added a new column to “products” called “wholesale2" so I could enter in 
different prices for each item.  I have a retail price, wholesale and 
wholesale2.  If the dealer is logged in, the wholesale price that shows is 
determined my the price level I have assigned to the customer.

Add column to “products” called “wholesale2"
Add Price Level “wholesale2" userdb::price_level wholesale2=Wholesale 2

Added the following to after.cfg

Profile wholesale2 <<EOR
	CommonAdjust => <<EOF,

	NonTaxableField => 'nontaxable',


Tax exempt: 

Added column “tax_exempt” to userdb.

Added to after.cfg

UserDB	default	scratch	"tax_exempt open_account"

AutoLoad <<EOF
	if ($Scratch->{tax_exempt}) {
			$Config->{SalesTax} = ' ';

Open Account:

Added column “open_account” to userdb.

I copied “payment_select”   from   /include/checkout - renamed 
it “payment_select2" and removed the “If variable” for purchase order so it 
would always be included:

<option value="purchase_order">[L]Company P.O.[/L]

I then added the following to checkout.html

			[if scratch open_account]
				[include include/checkout/payment_select2]
				[include include/checkout/payment_select]

Made sure the appropriate additions are made to  mv_metadata and you will need 
to add a check box which you use to assign a value for tax exempt and open 
account customers.

The above seems to work and hopefully will provide some help to anyone with 
limited IC skills.

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