[ic] Re: interchange-users Digest, Vol 4, Issue 22

Phil Smith phil.smith at phil-home.com
Wed Oct 22 21:27:32 EDT 2003

Thanks for the advice - but I have done that

The problem seems to be that the 'shipping' function does not find the
quantity of items in the basket.


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>Phil wrote
>> I have been battling with this for a few days, and it is driving me 
>> mad.
>> I am trying to set up quantity based shipping costs.  Our shipping 
>> charges are based on the number of items they buy.
>> Can anyone help!
>> BTW, Interchange version 4.8
>> Thanks
>> Phil
>Maybe something simple like changing the default mv_shipmode 
>in catalog.cfg to "default" instead of "upsg" or something?
>Martin Abell
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