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Eon Productions eonprod at eonprod.com
Wed Oct 22 23:57:35 EDT 2003

In the catalog.cfg file put this line
CreditCardAuto           No

Hope this helps


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> How are you?
> I'm trying to disable CreditCardAuto. I don't know where to do it.
> In details, I'm trying to disable the encryption to received CreditCard
> Numbers completely by email.
> Or is there any other way to see the credit card number each time an order
> is received.
> Please help
> Thanks

The above is something I found in the FAQ section of the website.  I did
exactly what the post said to do, and now I can't get logged in using any of
my test accounts.  Could someone please expain to me what just happened.  I
downloaded an unaltered version of the catalog.cfg file and then when I put
uploaded the orginal file, that's when I couldn't get logged in anymore.
Please help!!!

Brett Thompson
EON Productions
P.O. Box 242213
Montgomery, AL  36124

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