[ic] Order status on 4.9.8

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Thu Oct 23 14:33:28 EDT 2003

On Thursday, October 23, 2003, at 12:07  PM, Grant wrote:

>> I'm using the 9/15/2003 build of 4.9.8 with MySQL. I have two 
>> catalogs,
>> one that I built in 4.9.8 with makecat, and another that's currently 
>> in
>> 4.8.7 and running as a test catalog in 4.9.8 (with the test server
>> directive).
> Could you point me toward some info on the test server directive?  That
> sounds interesting.

I noticed it in the UPGRADE doc. Very cool.

>> In the 4.9.8 Admin Order Status page, I've noticed different behavior
>> between the makecat catalog and the test one.
>> The test one:
>> * is missing the 3rd level menu along with the "Update status only, no
>> ship function" button
>> * has the "Ordered Items" box stretching out very long sideways
>> * has the input box labels shortened (e.g. 'order_id' instead of 
>> 'Order
>> ID')
>> I've noticed the 3rd level menu also missing in the test catalog admin
>> under the Commerce section for tax & shipping.
>> I have updated my test catalog's transactions table with the auth_code
>> and tracking_number columns, but there must be something else. Any
>> ideas?
> I think I noticed similar behavior after plopping my 4.8 catalog in a 
> 4.9
> installation.  I just grabbed one of the standard mv_metadata files 
> from 4.9
> and overwrote my 4.8 file, but I suppose you wouldn't want to do that 
> if you
> have your UI very customized via metadata.

Woohoo! That did the trick. I had not customized it at all. Thanks!


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