[ic] New Server for IC... Should I use WebHost Manager?

bryan at gmyrek.us bryan at gmyrek.us
Thu Oct 23 16:23:28 EDT 2003

Thanks for the advice Doug.  That looks like a pretty good platform
(there's even a book on Amazon).  I'm at the point where I probably could
do everything on my own bud it will take longer and there's a good chance
I'll miss some things.
Regarding system administration there is a great O'Rielly article on
onlamp.com about some tools such as Cfengine to automate some of the back
end stuff.  This looks really cool but don't know if Cfengine will play
nice with webmin (doubt it).
If anyone has had really bad experiences with webmin please let us know.


On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> bryan at gmyrek.us writes:
> > Does anyone have advice for alternatives?  It seems that the best
> > thing would be a program which allowed me to do some administration
> > of user accounts such as setting bandwidth and other things like
> > adding SSL certs, etc. and gave warnings when I should update
> > certain modules.  Or should I just bite the bullet and do it all
> > myself?  This is probably what I'll do unless people suggest
> > otherwise.
> I've been looking at webmin/usermin/virtualmin for my next box.
> Doesn't have any direct support for Interchange, but that's probably a
> good thing. ;-)
> http://webmin.com/
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