[ic] Delete button for Item (answered back then by Racke/Mike Heins)

videotaxi.nuernberg videotaxi.nuernberg at t-online.de
Fri Oct 24 11:30:49 EDT 2003

Hi everybody,

i found upon searching in the archives a very good follow up to the question
"how can I  make a button to delete one item from the basket" answered
by Racke and then also by Mike Heins


The code provided by Racke works fine, but has only one problem, it always
deletes the first item in the cart no matter which button to delete I click.
I put the pearl code before the [Page Form .. in the same TD and also moved
it to different positions in the cart to no avail .. any ideas, or Racke
have you changed your code in the meantime ... ?

The code provided by Mike Heins is also great since the <a href .....>Delete
Item</a> shows in my status bar
....../ord/basket.html?delete=2&id=....... exactly the position of the
article I want to delete but upon clicking on the link nothing happens,
a reload of the cart page, (in the cart there is always a "0" under the link
showing) I have placed the [calc]...[/calc] before and behind the link,
but the only change is the position of the "0" mentioned before.....

Am dumbstruck any ideas



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