[ic] Disabling CreditCardAuto

Jack Gates jlgates at morningstarwebservices.net
Sat Oct 25 10:31:45 EDT 2003

> Subject: [ic] Disabling CreditCardAuto
> I read somewhere on that I could disable encryption by inserting the line
> "CreditCardAuto        No" into the catalog.cfg file.  Well I did it and
> corrupted pretty much the whole shopping cart.  Is there some
> other way (an
> idiot proof way) to accomplish disabling credit card encryption
> where I can
> view the card info in my e-mail when I get orders?
> Brett Thompson
> EON Productions
> P.O. Box 242213
> Montgomery, AL  36124
> 866-366-2673
> 866-EON-BORD

Why do you want to make it easy for people to steal your customers credit
card information? Do you really think any one will buy from your knowing
their credit card information is not secure?

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