[ic] Disabling CreditCardAuto

Grant listbox at email.com
Sat Oct 25 10:56:22 EDT 2003

> I read somewhere on that I could disable encryption by inserting the line
> "CreditCardAuto        No" into the catalog.cfg file.  Well I did it and
> corrupted pretty much the whole shopping cart.  Is there some
> other way (an
> idiot proof way) to accomplish disabling credit card encryption
> where I can
> view the card info in my e-mail when I get orders?

I don't think you're going to have any luck making that happen.  This
subject comes up every once in a while and the conclusion is always "just
don't do it".  It's been hinted that there is a way to make it happen, but I
get the feeling it's a lot more involved than changing a directive.

- Grant

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