[ic] How do I tell if IC is using SQL

AS news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Oct 26 14:42:57 EST 2003

> > My ISP has done an IC install, how can I tell if it using SQL or not
> > (without actually asking them). Can I tell by the files in the
> > structure?
>Look under Admin >> Preferences >> Database
>Look for a '1' set for either MYSQL or PGSQL, plus a SQLUSER and
>Thanks for the swift reply, there is a 1 in mysql and it has an sql
>and pass so that it answers it!
>Best regards,

Though this is probably an accurate indicator of external db usage,
are really just catalog variables that are in turn used by the catalog 
directives that *actually* provide connection to, and usage of, an
external DB.

Probably the best indicator is to log into the UI, go to the
tab, then look at the table info for products. You'll get quite a bit of

info, including db type, field definitions, etc - the internal info
the table as Interchange knows it.

- Ed

Ed, When you say look at the table info, what do you mean. Which menu
tab under administration do I need to look at?


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