[ic] nd Post - pls help -> Delete button for items close to possible solution

videotaxi.nuernberg videotaxi.nuernberg at t-online.de
Sun Oct 26 17:49:11 EST 2003

Hi list,

after digging further in the maillists and faqs i found the button usertag
and the following info

    [button text="Delete item" confirm="Are you sure?" src="delete.gif"]
      This is the action, same as [set Delete item] action [/set]
     [mvtag] Use any Interchange tag here, i.e. ....[/mvtag]
     [perl] # code to delete item [/perl]

I also found


where Racke gives the perl code to delete an item in the cart :

[calc] @$Items = grep {$_->{code} ne '123.456.789'} @$Items [/calc]

123.456.789 being the item-sku (i guess)

after trying for several hours, with the button tag and the perl code I
still cant get the button to work,
it looks like this

[button text="Delete item" src="/images/mainpics/delete.gif" getsize=1
[calc] @$Items = grep {$_->{code} ne '[item-sku]'} @$Items [/calc]
[bounce page=[area ord/basket]]

well, it does not delete any items and somehow, it doesn't refresh the page
but jumps to the results page ???

any hints, pls


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