[ic] RedHat 9 + custom Perl + IC, what else?

William Burgos wburgos at netzero.com
Sun Oct 26 19:37:56 EST 2003

from the icdevgroup ftp site download the perl-kitcheneck-5.8.0.

uninstall the rh9 perl rpm with the --nodeps parameter...

delete the perlv5.8.1 that you compile... totally even the directory....

uninstall interchange.....

compile and install the perl-kitcheneck.....

compile and install interchange......

and vaila' is installed..


William Burgos

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 16:52:38 +0200
From: "Rene Hertell" <interchange-users at hertell.com>
Subject: [ic] RedHat 9 + custom Perl + IC, what else?
To: "Interchange-Users" <interchange-users at icdevgroup.org>
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I have now been struggling with an installation if the latest CVS of IC into
an Red Hat 9 box. I used the Perl/Interchange Faq found at

I compiled and installed Perl (stable v5.8.1) without threads into
/home/interch/usr/local, Bundle::Interchange and DB::Pg modules into the
same place (with prefix=~/usr/local). I installed IC into
/home/interch/interchange and checked that the shebang
(#!/home/interch/usr/local/bin/perl) in bin/interchange pointed to the
correct place.

I grepped through the source for other shebang's, and found that
/UI/ContentEditor.pm was pointing to /usr/../perl. I changed that, restarted
IC and I got the demo-store up and running.

The basic-stuff seems to work as expected, but if I click the "show tags" I
get an 500 Server error and the following error in both the catalog and IC
error log:

"foundation /cgi-bin/foundation/index.html Runtime error: Modification of a
read-only value attempted at /home/interch/interchange/lib/HTML/Entities.pm
line 210"

I also had some other errors in the admin (records where not updated etc),
but I couldn't reproduce them after I restarted the server.

I'm worried about this, because I'm not sure what causes these errors. I
would rather not install Red Hat 7.3, because RedHat stops supporting it in
the end of this year (http://www.redhat.com/apps/support/errata/).

Is there anything else I should take in consideration when I'm installing IC
into a RH9-box? Now I did this into a Vmware installation. Next step shoudl
be to install it into my new server.

Kind Regards,


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