[ic] RedHat 9 + custom Perl + IC, what else?

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Mon Oct 27 14:55:09 EST 2003

>> Is there anything else I should take in consideration when I'm
>> installing IC
>> into a RH9-box? Now I did this into a Vmware installation. Next
>> step shoudl
>> be to install it into my new server.
> from the icdevgroup ftp site download the perl-kitcheneck-5.8.0.
> uninstall the rh9 perl rpm with the --nodeps parameter...
> delete the perlv5.8.1 that you compile... totally even the directory....
> uninstall interchange.....
> compile and install the perl-kitcheneck.....
> compile and install interchange......
> and vaila' is installed..
> Regards,
> William Burgos

(Lazy top-quoting fixed)

I would rather not alter the Perl that came with RH9 because I'm not 100%
sure if that would break something else...

I just noticed that I installed Bundle::Interchange instead of
Bundle::Interchange5, so I'm just reinstalling Perl with the new modules. I
hope that this will help.


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