[ic] OK to remove columns in products.xls?

Grant listbox at email.com
Mon Oct 27 09:42:04 EST 2003

> Hello list members,
> I've used the products.xls example supplied with IC to build a product
> database for my client which contains 1891 records.  There are some fields
> on the spreadsheet that I can't place on the catalog.  Can someone tell me
> what the following fields are for, and where on the catalog they
> are found?
> 1)  title  (we are using description and comments, but this field eludes
> us - where would we see it on the demo?)
> 2)  related
> 3)  dl_type
> 4)  dl_location
> 5)  inactive
> 6)  image_large  (I see where thumb and image are used, but not
> image_large)
> If we don't need certain fields in our catalog, is it safe to remove them,
> or does Interchange require the fields be included, whether they
> are used or
> not?
> Thank you,
> Michael G.

I'm not sure where most those fields are used in the demo, but it's possible
that they aren't used and they're just there in case you want to use them.
I do know that if you mark a 1 in the inactive field for a product, it
shouldn't show up in searches.

You don't want to remove any headers without also cleaning up each record's
data to correspond to the new header sequence.  But, you're using Excel so
maybe you can figure something out with that.

- Grant

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