[ic] "==" and "!=" as DB field values

Grant listbox at email.com
Mon Oct 27 09:42:05 EST 2003

> Grant wrote:
> > Is it OK to have a value like "==" or "!=" (without the
> double-quotes) in a
> > database field?
> What data type would that represent, without the quotes? By your
> question I can't tell exactly what you are trying to accomplish,
> can you be more specific?
> Regards,
> Marc Brevoort

I'm using the default DB, and I want to have a field in a table with either
"==" or "!=" (without the quotes) written to it.  It would be involved in
something like this:

[loop search="sf=inactive/se=1/op=[data table='variable' field='Variable'

I remember reading to be careful about what you write to a database field,
so I'm making sure.

- Grant

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