[ic] Permission's + Catalog Migration

Sam Batschelet batschelet at exactasphere.com
Wed Oct 29 03:37:17 EST 2003

Hit List,

  I am migrating a series of catalogs from one server to the next and I am
coming up with a few permission issues that really don't make sense.

OldServer Config:
[ic] 4.8.2 base upgraded to 4.9.8
[db] mysql-3.23.41-1
[interchange dir] /usr/lib/interchange
[catalog directory] /var/lib/interchange
[cat user] interch

NewServer Config:
[ic] 4.9.8
[db] mysql-3.23.54a-11
[interchange dir] /usr/local/interchange
[catalog directory] /home/interch/catalogs
[cat user] interch

Ok so I moved the database, html and catalog over making sure to keep perms
the same. I created a symbolic link which connected any old calls to
/var/lib/interchange and changed the perms.
lrwxrwxrwx    1 interch  interch        30 Oct 29 00:48 cat ->

Next I had an issue with the database username and password so I altered
them correctly in my variable.txt file.  A wierd thing though when I would
restart IC i would get an error that the password was wrong.  So bingo a
perm error right... but the perms were the same as a few of the functioning
catalogs on the server.  So I ended up altering the dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg
with the correct User Pass and it worked.

drwxrws---    2 interch  interch      4096 Oct 29 02:54 products
-rw-rw-r--    1 interch  interch      2608 Oct 29 02:20 variable.txt
-rwsr-sr-x    1 interch  interch      7164 Oct 28 23:40 cat  (migrated
-rwsr-sr-x    1 interch  interch      7164 Oct 08 23:40 cat2 (existing

Now the server restarts but the good old We're sorry, the Interchange server
is unavailable... on all the migrated catalogs.  So obviosly there is a
permissions error but what would be the cause, because of the change in IP
and domain as well as ownership config is it possible that the cgi file is
not compatible with this new setup?  Its a long shot but I'm really lost.
Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance,

-Sam Batschelet
ExactaSphere Inc

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