[ic] Permission's + Catalog Migration

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Wed Oct 29 01:12:06 EST 2003

Sam Batschelet wrote:

>>is unavailable... on all the migrated catalogs.  So obviosly there is a
>>permissions error but what would be the cause, because of the change in IP
>>and domain as well as ownership config is it possible that the cgi file is
>>not compatible with this new setup?  Its a long shot but I'm really lost.
>>Any help would be great.
> Ok I did a little more looking around in the cgi file and I saw a reference
> to /var/run/interchange/socket which is not setup on the new server.  How
> would I fix that call and would that be the cause?

Shooting from the hip, here, you can probably do any of the following:
* Recompile your CGI link program
* Use the SocketFile directive in your global config file
* Start interchange using the command-line option SocketFile=/path/to/socket
* Use symbolic links (this would be kinda lame).
* Scrap the whole CGI nonsense and use mod_interchange (highest 
'coolness' factor).

John Young

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