[ic] Protx payment module

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Fri Oct 31 17:23:07 EST 2003

Hi list

This is a public release of a payment module for Protx.com, based
in the UK. This module has had quite extensive test and live use and 
should be quite stable.

It includes a 'Virtual Terminal' which is built into the Interchange Admin
UI (and based on stuff in there) and co-operates reasonably well with
the AdminUI. The terminal does things such as: setttle, repeat or 
refund a transaction, archive transactions, keep an audit trail of 
transactions. This terminal should also work, with appropriate 
tweaking, with any other payment processor which uses a suitable
API. For example, I have a Datacash module mostly done which uses
the same terminal but adapted for cheques and direct debits as well
as cards.

Find it on http://kiwi.zolotek.net

Lyn St George
+ http://www.zolotek.net .. eCommerce hosting, consulting

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