[ic] UK counties addendum

Chris Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Fri Oct 31 18:46:57 EST 2003

 I recently had to add some Scottish and Welsh counties to the state table for 
UK customers. I thought I'd toss out the counties and their postal 
abreviations for anyone who also needs them. You can cut-n-paste this into 
your state.txt file.
 There's a couple of Welsh counties I'm unsure of and left out. That's Clwyd 
(CWD), Dyfed (DFD), Gwent (GNT), Gwynedd (GWN), Mid Glamorgan (MGM), and 
Powys (POW), which I think are now defunct administrative counties.

        05      UK      ABD     Aberdeen
        05      UK      ANG     Angus
        05      UK      ARG     Argyle
        05      UK      AYR     Ayrshire
        05      UK      BNF     Banffshire
        05      UK      BWK     Berwickshire
        05      UK      BTE     Bute
        05      UK      CAI     Caithness
        05      UK      CLA     Clackmannanshire
        05      UK      DMF     Dumfriesshire
        05      UK      DNB     Dunbartonshire
        05      UK      ELO     East Lothian
        05      UK      FIF     Fife
        05      UK      INV     Inverness-shire
        05      UK      KCD     Kincardineshire
        05      UK      KNR     Kinross-shire
        05      UK      KCB     Kirkcudbrightshire
        05      UK      LAN     Lanarkshire
        05      UK      MLO     Midlothian
        05      UK      MOR     Moray
        05      UK      NAI     Nairnshire
        05      UK      ORK     Orkney
        05      UK      PER     Perthshire
        05      UK      PEB     Peeblesshire
        05      UK      RNF     Renfrewshire
        05      UK      ROS     Ross and Cromarty
        05      UK      ROX     Roxburgshire
        05      UK      SLK     Selkirkshire
        05      UK      SHE     Shetland
        05      UK      STL     Stirlingshire
        05      UK      SUT     Sutherland
        05      UK      WLO     West Lothian
        05      UK      WIG     Wigtownshire
        05      UK      AGY     Anglesey
        05      UK      BRE     Breconshire
        05      UK      CAE     Caernarvonshire
        05      UK      CGN     Cardiganshire
        05      UK      CMN     Carmarthenshire
        05      UK      DEN     Denbigshire
        05      UK      FLN     Flintshire
        05      UK      GLA     Glamorgan
        05      UK      MER     Merionethshire
        05      UK      MON     Monmouthshire
        05      UK      MGY     Montgomeryshire
        05      UK      PEM     Pembrokeshire
        05      UK      RAD     Radnorshire

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