Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Sep 1 22:14:06 EDT 2003

Quoting Paul Vinciguerra (pvinci at vinciguerra.com):
> I was playing around with the ProductFiles Directive and configured it to
> something other than products and learned that my searches were broken. I
> traced my problem down to the following lines in catalog_before.cfg which I
> have commented out.
> #Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE  products
> #Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE products
> I'm trying to find out the reasons why these variables are set globally as it
> seems that if the ProductFiles directive isn't configured it defaults to
> products in Config.pm:
>       ['ProductFiles',         'array_complete',  'products'],
> and  the routine in DbSearch.pm defaults to ProductFiles
>          $s->{mv_search_file}        =   [ @{
>                                           $::Variable->{MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE}
>                                           ||      $Vend::Cfg->{ProductFiles}
>                                           } ]
>                 unless ref($s->{mv_search_file}) and
> scalar(@{$s->{mv_search_file}});
>         return;
> Similar references are in TextSearch.pm and RefSearch.pm.
> The directives were added back in version, 2001/03/07 with the
> comment "  * Bring catalog_*.cfg in sync with what is needed for foundation."
> Might I suggest that if these parameters need to be initialized, that they get
> moved from catalog_before.cfg to the individual catalog.cfg files so that
> searches will default to ProductFiles. 

I have looked at this in detail, and unfortunately we cannot do this.
It will break nearly every foundation-based catalog in the world, and
that I won't do.

What we *can* do is add a re-definition into catalog.cfg where ProductFiles
is set, and I have done that. 

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