[ic] Issues with Value tag

Edward Maas maase at brainlink.com
Tue Sep 2 03:56:30 EDT 2003


    I think i might be doing something wrong here but let me throw this 
issue out to the group at large.  I have completed a simple email 
response form based on an example i found in the mailing list archives.  
I think I have found a bug that is starting to drive me nuts.  The basic 
issue is that after submitting the form, if there is an error, it is 
properly prompted, but the data that was entered is lost.  If anyone has 
any idea what might fix this, Iwould be extremely greatful.  Below are 
the specs and code samples:

Linux 2.4.x
Interchange 4.8.7

note: the proper order route has been made for the required fields.
Code: contact_form.html

<form action="[process-target]" method=post>
<input type=hidden name=mv_session_id value="[data session id]">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_doit VALUE=return>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_nextpage VALUE=@@MV_PAGE@@>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_form_profile VALUE=submit_query_profile>
<input type="hidden" name="mv_todo" value="set" >
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=mv_check    VALUE="send_contact">

[set send_contact]
  to="maase at brainlink.com"
  subject="Interchange Feedback: [value feedback_subject]"
  from="[value email]"

Subject: [value feedback_subject]
   From: [value fname] [value lname]
  Email: [value email]

[value feedback_message]

[value name=sent set=yes hide=1]

[if type=explicit compare="[error all=1 show_var=1 keep=1]"]
 <font color=__CONTRAST__>There were errors in your last submission.</FONT>
     <li>[error all=1 show_var=1 show_error=1 keep=1 joiner="<br><li>"]
  The areas that need correction are shown in <FONT 
COLOR=__CONTRAST__>this color</FONT> below.</FONT><br><br>

[if base=value term=sent op="=~" compare="/yes/"]
Thank you, your message has been sent.
[value name=sent set=no hide=1]
[value name=feedback_subject set="" hide=1]
[value name=feedback_message set="" hide=1]

        <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center" 
          <tr class="contentbar2">
            <td align=right> [error name=fname std_label="First Name" 
              <INPUT MAXLENGTH=35 NAME=fname type=text size=25 
value="[value fname]">
          <tr class="contentbar2">
            <td align=right> [error name=lname std_label="Last Name" 
              <INPUT MAXLENGTH=35 NAME=lname type=text size=25 
value="[value lname]">
          <tr class="contentbar2">
            <td align=right> [error name=email std_label="Email address" 
              <INPUT MAXLENGTH=64 NAME=email type=text size=25 
value="[value email]">
          <tr class="contentbar2">
            <td align=right> [error name=feedback_subject 
              required=1] </td>
              <INPUT MAXLENGTH=35 NAME=feedback_subject type=text 
size=25 value="[value feedback_subject]">
          <tr class="contentbar2">
            <td align=right> [error name=feedback_message 
              required=1] </td>
              <TEXTAREA WRAP="virtual" ROWS="5" COLS="45" 
NAME=feedback_message>[value feedback_message]</textarea>
          <tr span="2" class="contentbar2">
            <td align=right colspan="2">
              <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Send Info">



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