[ic] Changing Data Encrypted in "mv_credit_card_info"

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Sep 3 21:44:29 EDT 2003

Quoting Adrian P Wilkinson (junk at puffin.org):
> In 'report' I see that...
>     [value mv_credit_card_info]
> ... appears to contain the encrypted credit card details in the format "MC
> 4111111111111111        1/06" equating to the card type, card number and
> expiry date.  Is it possible to edit the data that appears within the PGP
> encoded section of the message as I'd like it to contain the start date,
> issue number, etc here rather than in clear text.

Set the Variable MV_CREDIT_CARD_INFO_TEMPLATE in preferences or in catalog.cfg:


That is all the info that is used.

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