[ic] Checkout page problem (intermittent)

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Thu Sep 4 18:27:40 EDT 2003

Jim Ratte wrote:

> First off, running IC 4.9.6, Perl 5.8.0
> The past couple of weeks we have been getting occasional calls about our
> checkout page not working correctly. The page loads (standard IC checkout
> page), however at the bottom of the page there is no input box for credit
> card info, or a submit button displayed.
> The logs don't show anything abnormal. Speaking with those who have called
> their orders in, their doesn't seem to be any correlation in everyone having
> problems regarding browser type, operating system, etc. I cannot replicate
> the problem either, and have placed test orders on computers that have never
> been to my website before. Anyone run into this scenario? Looked through the
> archives but did not see any related types of problems. Jim

I've seen something like this with Mozilla (which I use most of the 
time), but not with IE. If you check out the demo on icdevgroup, I think 
the bug is still there....

<Checks demo page>

...yup. On the checkout page there is no submit button with Mozilla 
(1.4), but with IE6 it's fine. It may be down to a problem with the 
browser detection in the checkout page. It uses the browser type to 
determine whether to bestow the joys (:$) of javascript on you or not. 
Mozilla supports js, but it certainly doesn't seem to like the code on 
the checkout page.

There doesn't appear to be a problem with the card number box though.

I've not got a problem with javascript per se, but when it breaks the 
site for people who's browsers either don't support it or have buggy 
(Mozilla) implementations then it makes me wonder whether it's worth it.

The admin console is a classic example. At the moment, if I want to use 
it I have to switch to IE because Mozilla just crashes. I know this is a 
Mozilla bug and not an IC one, but is it really necessary to have the 
admin system so js dependent?

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