[ic] Checkout page problem (intermittent)

Jim Ratte Jim at recreationalmobility.com
Thu Sep 4 15:40:35 EDT 2003

>First off, running IC 4.9.6, Perl 5.8.0
> The past couple of weeks we have been getting occasional calls about our
> checkout page not working correctly. The page loads (standard IC checkout
> page), however at the bottom of the page there is no input box for credit
> card info, or a submit button displayed.
> The logs don't show anything abnormal. Speaking with those who have called
> their orders in, their doesn't seem to be any correlation in everyone
> problems regarding browser type, operating system, etc. I cannot replicate
> the problem either, and have placed test orders on computers that have
> been to my website before. Anyone run into this scenario? Looked through
> archives but did not see any related types of problems. Jim

Quoting Jamie Neil:
"I've seen something like this with Mozilla (which I use most of the
time), but not with IE. If you check out the demo on icdevgroup, I think
the bug is still there...."


Thanks for your reply. So far we have had two call in orders this week with
this problem. One was Windows 2000, IE6. Today's was using Win 98, IE5.5

I have one piece of script on the checkout that pops a box and asks the
customer to 'wait for the page refresh' after typing in their zip code.
However, that's been on the site this it went live about 3 months ago now.

Jim Ratte
Recreational Mobility
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