Mozilla problems, was: Re: [ic] Checkout page problem (intermittent)

Peter peter at
Thu Sep 4 15:19:25 EDT 2003

Jamie Neil wrote:
> <rant>
> I've not got a problem with javascript per se, but when it breaks the 
> site for people who's browsers either don't support it or have buggy 
> (Mozilla) implementations then it makes me wonder whether it's worth it.
> The admin console is a classic example. At the moment, if I want to use 
> it I have to switch to IE because Mozilla just crashes. I know this is a 
> Mozilla bug and not an IC one, but is it really necessary to have the 
> admin system so js dependent?
> </rant>

I had this problem with Mozilla as well.  Mozilla 1.2.1 works fine in 
the admin interface, though and there is a bug open with Mozilla to fix 
this problem which was introduced in 1.3, there's even a test patch 
available if you want to try downloading source, patching, and testing 
yourself (I had unrelated problems getting it to compile, heh).  I ended 
up with two copies of mozilla installed and use 1.2.1 for interchange.

This is the bug that I opened specifically related to Mozilla crashing 
on IC (there are instructions in the bug for how to reproduce the crash 
in the IC demo):

The bug was resolved as a duplicate of this bug:

BTW, if anyone can figure out how to re-code the admin pages to get 
around this bug I'd really appreciate hearing about it.  I know it's 
really a Mozilla problem, but they seem to be slow in fixing it and I 
would really like to not have to run two different versions of Mozilla 
in order to be able to work in the admin area of IC.


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