[ic] Changing the cart page

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Fri Sep 5 10:23:08 EDT 2003

Grant wrote:
>John Young wrote:
>>Perhaps you need to add the following to catalog.cfg:
>>SpecialPage  order    ord/cart
>>Don't forget to update AlwaysSecure, as well.
> John, that fixed it, thank you very much.  I guess it must be set somewhere
> in the core and the SpecialPage setting in catalog.cfg overrides it?

You're welcome.  It's actually in the documentation (imagine that!).
 From icconfig.txt:

3.85. SpecialPage

Sets a special page to other than its default value. Can be set as
many times as necessary. Will have no effect if not one of the
Interchange Required Pages.

    SpecialPage         checkout ord/checkout
    SpecialPage         failed special/error_on_order
    SpecialPage         interact special/browser_problem
    SpecialPage         noproduct special/no_product_found
    SpecialPage         order  ord/basket
    SpecialPage         search srch/results

John Young

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