[ic] Date selector widget not passing form data

Sam Batschelet batschelet at exactasphere.com
Sat Sep 6 11:21:27 EDT 2003

I did a little more research and found the widget.coretag file which appears
to setup the html information for the options see snip below.  But the date
option is the only widget that appears to not pass the proper information so
I think I'm looking for something a little more specific any ideas.

*************widget.coretag snip*************
my $w = Vend::Form::display($ref);
   if($opt->{filter}) {
      $w .= qq{<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="ui_filter:$name" VALUE="};
      $w .= $opt->{filter};
      $w .= '">';
*************widget.coretag snip*************

Example of my options table

      code sku o_group o_sort o_default o_label o_value o_widget
      100022 00003 date   Delivery Date date= date


> Ok this is an odd little bug because when I fresh installed 4.9.8
> (yesterday)
> I could of sworn that the date widget worked correctly.
> Here is the problem: reference URL www.tgdesigns.netInterchange is
> the following form information for the date selector
> widget but all other widgets seem to work correctly.  By widget I mean the
> html form selection option for product options under simple options.
> ex item page 00005.html (I left out the other options for sake of space)
> Code:
> <input type=hidden name="mv_item_option" value="date">
> <SELECT NAME="mv_order_date"><OPTION VALUE="01">January</OPTION>
> but this value is wrong Code:
> value="date"
> It should read Code:
> value="date0"
> well atleast i tried it and it works, by this I took the source code for
> page changed the value and pressed the buy now button. Otherwise the date
> information resets itself to the default
> Then when you are in the cart the info form data reads
> Code:
> <input type=hidden name="mv_item_option" value="date"><SELECT
> NAME="date0"><OPTION VALUE="01">January</OPTION>
> and Checkout.html reads and will not accept the date info from the cart
> Code:
> <FONT size=1><input type=hidden name="mv_item_option" value="date"><SELECT
> NAME="date0"><OPTION VALUE="01">January</OPTION>
> Its crazy the form layout that interchange is creating is wrong (I Think)
> how can i fix this
> myself i looked around for info pertaining to the date widget but no luck
> far. What could of changed in the configuration to make this happen.
> help!Thank You,Sam Batschelet ExactaSphere Inc. "There are no facts, only
> interpretations." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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