[ic] Newbie: Add new prodGroups and categories?

Jürgen R. Plasser plasser at hexagon.at
Tue Sep 9 17:27:03 EDT 2003

Hi Chris,

thanks for your immediate answer!

--On 09.09.2003 09:57 -0400 Chris Wenham wrote:

>  It works better in reverse, actually.
>  When you're entering products you should only have to manually type in
> the  product group and catagory once. Afterwards, it should automatically
> show up  in the drop-down list control for future products in the same
> group or  category.
>  Once that's done, you can use the auto-populate tool to fill the "area"
> and  "cat" tables based on what it finds in the products table.

Ok, its the "Auto-populate Area and Cat tables" tool (finally found it)!


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