[ic] Behaviour associated with changing sku's.

Cameron G ritontor at icenet.com.au
Wed Sep 10 15:19:48 EDT 2003

IC 4.9.6 and mysql something.

I've reorganised and added extra information to my products table, and in
the process shuffled around a few sku's. Something that springs to mind as a
result of this is: how will this affect past orders? I notice that stored in
the orderline table there are basically enough details to display the old
order in it's entirety, but the sku is stored too. What sort of behaviour
should I expect to see? 

Secondly, on one site that I have updated this product table, I've notice
that a [loop search] seems to be "caching" old results. The sku's from
before the change are still being returned on the loop, not the new ones.
The search is a very simple:

[loop search="se=searchterm/sf=prod_group/tf=title,contains"]
Do stuff

type thing, yet it doesn't seem to have noticed the new products db. And
before you ask, yes, I did restart IC :) is this expected behaviour, or am I
missing something? 

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