[ic] Multiple Catalog Script Names in a Single Page (multi-VendURL)

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Wed Sep 10 01:42:31 EDT 2003

I've been playing around with multiple catalogs and SubCatalog with
reasonable success, but I am not sure of the appropriate way to have
URI's to multiple catalogs in a single page using [page] and [area].

For example, I use mod_interchange, and suppose I have catalog
'bakery' with SubCatalogs 'cookies' and 'cakes'.  With mod_interchange,
I can refer to products and other pages as:


Now, lets say that I want to have links to general pages like
aboutus.html and faq.html use http://www.store.com/bakery/, while
links to tasty cookies point to http://www.store.com/cookies/,
and links to cake-like products point to http://www.store.com/cakes/...
BUT, all shown in the same page (we're on VendURL's turf, now).

I can do this using:

[page href="cakes.html" vendurl="http://www.store.com/cakes"]

in conjunction with the following modification to Interpolate.pm:

--- Interpolate.pm.orig	Fri Aug  8 13:49:59 2003
+++ Interpolate.pm	Wed Sep 10 00:24:13 2003
@@ -2858,7 +2858,7 @@

  	$urlroutine = $opt->{secure} ? \&secure_vendUrl : \&vendUrl;

-	return $urlroutine->($page, $arg, undef, $opt);
+	return $urlroutine->($page, $arg, $opt->{vendurl}, $opt);


My questions are: is there a better way and/or is the modification
to Interpolate.pm above of merit?

John Young

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