[ic] Behaviour associated with changing sku's.

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Wed Sep 10 10:03:56 EDT 2003

> IC 4.9.6 and mysql something.
> I've reorganised and added extra information to my products table, and in
> the process shuffled around a few sku's. Something that springs to mind as a
> result of this is: how will this affect past orders? I notice that stored in
> the orderline table there are basically enough details to display the old
> order in it's entirety, but the sku is stored too. What sort of behaviour
> should I expect to see? 
> Secondly, on one site that I have updated this product table, I've notice
> that a [loop search] seems to be "caching" old results. The sku's from
> before the change are still being returned on the loop, not the new ones.
> The search is a very simple:
> [loop search="se=searchterm/sf=prod_group/tf=title,contains"]
> Do stuff
> [/lopp]
> type thing, yet it doesn't seem to have noticed the new products db. And
> before you ask, yes, I did restart IC :) is this expected behaviour, or am I
> missing something? 

Try exporting the products table if you have not.


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